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Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the shotguns in movies guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok. Why are you reading this? Go away.


0:50searching for things on reddit
searching for things on redditVistas 856 milHace un día
1:48gus johnson is done
gus johnson is doneVistas 1,1 MHace 7 días
0:21what a bunch of us did as kids
what a bunch of us did as kidsVistas 1,5 MHace 21 un día
4:45my garden
my gardenVistas 1,2 MHace 2 meses
5:40god dang country
god dang countryVistas 1,8 MHace 2 meses
10:26cooking food with fireworks (gone tasty)
hayVistas 1,3 MHace 2 meses
1:39if i was frozone
if i was frozoneVistas 3,9 MHace 3 meses
2:06POV: you're talking to a Far Cry villain
ellenVistas 1,9 MHace 3 meses
0:41what your parents thought would happen
0:13chainsaw art
chainsaw artVistas 2 MHace 4 meses
0:43how they wrote songs in the 50s
how they wrote songs in the 50sVistas 2,1 MHace 4 meses
21:59The Great Fast Food Jalepeño Scandal
0:08how PG movies used to be
how PG movies used to beVistas 3,9 MHace 5 meses
0:18when professional athletes get fined
when professional athletes get finedVistas 1,7 MHace 5 meses
0:32when you're tired of repeating yourself
2:03the kid who said he could skate
the kid who said he could skateVistas 2,9 MHace 6 meses


  • A Marine's dream come true

  • Positive feedback

  • *me looking for a popular post that was made a week ago* reddit: were you looking for this 5 year old post with 6 upvotes?

  • bruh you should try apple music

  • Gotta use Google to search reddit lol


  • 108 hours a week 110 on the weekends

  • "Congratulations, I have found u/contagioslaughter for you!"

  • thanks for bringing this to my attention i now realise my parents do this on purpose and not on accident

  • The iOS app is worse.

  • Bus Jackson like in the faribairn films video

  • *''HUMOR''*

  • perfect for my youtube music playlist

  • O:23 visible confusion

  • I must give it to Reddit, I also wasn't sure what he meant.

  • Lok

  • Seriously

  • Hilarious and absolutely true

  • Great technique.

  • Stay positive

  • I think *gus* *Johnson* will win.

  • It's me. I'm the snapchat friend

  • Lmao

  • Makes me appreciate the fact my dad could do this without any help, he still called out for a cuppa during though. 😂

  • Lmao

  • This is so real its wild Gus is a genius

  • 1:56 well that was unexpected

  • I typed in "Tor" while trying to look up the Toronto Raptors and was suggested torpedo tits

  • inb4 Joel Haver kills the both of you

  • The end gets me every.single.time.

  • hey gus my mom wanted talk to your mom about how you get so many people to look at you on the internet

  • If you have seen casually explained reddit, you would know the search bar is purely for astetic purposes.

  • the only thing you will ever find in reddit search is porn.

  • Maybe the guy died. RIP.

  • Reddit, your search engine is bad, and you should feel bad.

  • Why does it always happen.

  • My friend with dyslexia hates reddit for this exact reason (and a bunch of others, but that isn't the point)

  • U have got to be kidding me

  • David Bowie's space odyssey is pretty bad for this too

  • This is probably one of the most Gus videos on his channel.

  • Its much much worse than that

  • man this is crazy

  • I thought he was just gonna pass it off to google to get there

  • Ahhh, the days back when ‘20s Record Label was called ‘50s Record Label.

  • should send ol Kenny to North Koreeya

  • Please do more content with Ian kung. U guys are 🔥

  • Then Gus put his whole buccal cavity on fire

  • thank you eddy bareback and gus penis

  • Oh look it’s College Gus

  • I was promised 20minutes of rant. Theres only 15 minutes of video. I want a refund, you arcade channel Lord! 😅

  • *checks description *hmmm *time to re-watc- "video unavaliable" *falls to knees "NOOOOOOOOOO"

  • Ha ha. Copying ace Ventura is so funny!

  • reddit is insane they need the perfect spelling for everything :D

  • Where's the weed jokes Gus c'mon

  • He truly is the lord of the dance.

  • Imagine having this guy at a family reunion

  • 2:15 or have the volume so low you can hear our disappointment then spend the next 5 minutes trying to make it louder.

  • Immediately joined that sub reddit to check it out.... where gus at?

  • As a Midwesterner; I did not realize how often we say the word "Easily" until I watched this video. Also Bags has no Z!

  • Aged far too well

  • O M f G what did I just watch? 🇬🇧🇺🇸🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I was expecting more scalation. Cool.

  • Painfully true.

  • yamete kudasai

  • r/contagioslaughter subreddit is up and running 😂 just checked reddit now.

  • was literally just having this problem. i quit searching and decided to check youtube. lo and behold look who’s uploaded. my phone must be spying on me

  • The neighborhood is still disturbed

  • Didn't get it but I laughed. Ps. What is Reddit? I know 4chan.

  • lol out of all scripture in the Bible to reference but whatever here it is: 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4 KJV “Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; by which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”

  • 0:50 this is like when companies get called out for using cellulose powder as filler or “anti-clumping” agent. wood chips are natural so its okay if we put them in your food

  • The thumbnail really says it all

  • ace ventura did it better

  • wow,reddit moment!

  • Damn gus is a sacrily good actor 👏 makes me feel horrid for "watching" a hard working fella be ignored by his ungrateful family.

  • Reddit really does have the worst interface.

  • bruh, dont diss inside edition

  • Hey Gus from 2016 I think you forgot to edit out some parts