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Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the shotguns in movies guy to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Why are you reading this? Go away.


0:18every post on r/whatisthisthing
every post on r/whatisthisthingVistas 122 milHace un día
0:21old animation be like
old animation be likeVistas 306 milHace un día
2:56every terrible best man speech
every terrible best man speechVistas 246 milHace 2 días
6:14small town liquor store reviews are WILD
small town liquor store reviews are WILDVistas 234 milHace 21 un día
0:53what happens at MTV
what happens at MTVVistas 257 milHace 21 un día
0:41they should add this button to cars
they should add this button to carsVistas 435 milHace un mes
0:21sleeping friend prank
sleeping friend prankVistas 359 milHace un mes
2:14the kid who was always burning things
the kid who was always burning thingsVistas 704 milHace 2 meses
9:28god tier country
god tier countryVistas 609 milHace 2 meses
0:13dogs during a thunderstorm
dogs during a thunderstormVistas 451 milHace 3 meses
0:21russian olympians at the cafeteria
russian olympians at the cafeteriaVistas 646 milHace 3 meses
0:41how youtube is when you start watching a show
4:48talking about the last few months
talking about the last few monthsVistas 1,2 MHace 4 meses
0:49the first guy who burped
the first guy who burpedVistas 1,2 MHace 7 meses
3:10my audition for new james bond
my audition for new james bondVistas 593 milHace 7 meses
12:13Reading small town "adult" store reviews
0:50searching for things on reddit
searching for things on redditVistas 1,5 MHace 8 meses
1:48gus johnson is done
gus johnson is doneVistas 1,3 MHace 8 meses
2:21james corden is still at that intersection
0:21what a bunch of us did as kids
what a bunch of us did as kidsVistas 3,2 MHace 8 meses
0:09how they wrote comedies in the early 2000s
4:45my garden
my gardenVistas 1,3 MHace 10 meses
5:40god dang country
god dang countryVistas 2 MHace 10 meses
1:41how they use shotguns in movies
how they use shotguns in moviesVistas 41 MHace un año
1:27your friend who always has a knife
your friend who always has a knifeVistas 13 MHace 3 años
0:21Recording A Spotify Ad
Recording A Spotify AdVistas 13 MHace 4 años
0:31Every Cat At 3AM
Every Cat At 3AMVistas 12 MHace 4 años
0:27I Won't Wear A Jacket
I Won't Wear A JacketVistas 11 MHace 4 años
1:41jk rowling these days
jk rowling these daysVistas 10 MHace 3 años
1:53white girl ukulele song
white girl ukulele songVistas 9 MHace 3 años
1:19how the USPS delivers your packages
1:36moms in horror movies
moms in horror moviesVistas 8 MHace 2 años
3:57How To Be A Professor - Gus Johnson
3:40cleaning the house with your mom
cleaning the house with your momVistas 7 MHace 2 años
0:30Nobody Ever Buys Salt
Nobody Ever Buys SaltVistas 7 MHace 4 años
3:34watching movies with your mom
watching movies with your momVistas 6 MHace 3 años
4:05my pool
my poolVistas 6 MHace 2 años
2:41helping mom use the ipad
helping mom use the ipadVistas 5 MHace 3 años
0:31Pulling Out The Cheat Sheet
Pulling Out The Cheat SheetVistas 5 MHace 5 años
6:41How To Make Your Own Subway Sandwich
0:20i just took a DNA test
i just took a DNA testVistas 4,9 MHace un año
2:35Using Other People's Showers
Using Other People's ShowersVistas 4,8 MHace 4 años
0:31I Eat Cigarettes
I Eat CigarettesVistas 4,8 MHace 4 años


  • The fact that this is how I expect my younger sibling to turn out as a high schooler, Just like this madness.

  • It's called a seat belt extender. Thank me right before you get in a fatal crash.

  • *Harry S. Truman wants to know your location.*

  • MTV without jackass is a scary place

  • The level of accuracy with this is 100/100. I swear Gus has lived every life.

  • stew went insane after being trapped too often, when he talks to the camera it's just his schizophrenia

  • I name thee "Stem-gate"

  • Cute video

  • Always good for a laugh. Thanks man. Not a bot, but every time I want to leave a comment I feel like it's too short and I'm untrusting the ESmain algorithm so I like to add extra stuff so it's not just a basic stupid comment.

  • If you hit it you hard enough you can see god

  • Kudos to Gus's mom for making this extra funny and wholesome

  • Opened the tab, clicked "Like", watched the video a couple hours later. This is becoming a pattern. The quality is guaranteed.

  • I think its fine might just be a can opener

  • I wonder if gus actually gets really drunk for these videos

  • “i have no idea what it could possibly be?…”

  • i literally found this subreddit today when i saw red spots in my chef boyardee ravioli

  • This feels like Dr Seuss script

  • Was it positive?

  • Trailer Park Boys vibes to the max

  • I like to imagine Gus was the outlier if they play cards, and essentially that’s just a sample of his actual commentary while learning the game with them xD

  • Get off reddit.

  • Hey it works

  • Anyone re-watching this after the new trailer?

  • its either a flash light or a lighter

  • Less than 100,000 views and 1,000 comments. Dang, Gus really fell off.

    • @Dilly M oh i understand now

    • @joseph_468 no. Commenter just meant that he hasn’t hit 1k comments. Pretty effective hit piece by vindictive X. Hope he can recover someday.

    • There are less than 400 comments for me. Has he been deleting them?

  • furry. (this comment took so much effort, so I deserve likes 😎)

  • unironically yeah, so many bomb posts especially from tourists in europe

  • you repost other peoples post then don't credit them, wow

    • Nope. Completely inadvertent and not an uncommon idea.